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    Waves Huge waves that keep my heart frozen, paralyzed, that drown me in my fears.Waves that shake me up, wake me up from a nightmare. Waves that bring me back into the here and now, into my life.What if the cold and darkness is only an illusion?What if the waves get me back to the surface, into the light, into a life of joy?What if there is this wave, only waiting for me, a wave, my wave that is meant to be,waiting for my courage?What if there is a wave only I can surf with all my heart, with all my being? What if there is no fear, only waves…

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    To the lighthouse

    To the lighthouse To the lighthouse I go,when the clouds seem to fall from the sky,when I can’t see the light,when there was nowhere to go.I can only hear the sound of the waves,I walk in a rain of tears, further and further,in a turmoil of thoughts.Where is a sign that parts the clouds, illuminates the sky, protects my heart?To the lighthouse I go,when the storms let me fall,when the waves crush against my heart.I can feel the solid rock in the waves,the helping hand, the light of hope.Suddenly I see a flash of light,aiming through the sky, aiming for my heart. A light that grows stronger and stronger, drying…

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    I decide

    I decide I decide that my dreams are meant for me,that I can live them. I decide to create, to inspire, to support like the ocean does for me. I decide to let my worries flow and that I am abundant,an abundant ocean of love. I decide to live and to be like the ocean,full of joy and freedom. I decide that this life is already here and that I only have to decide toreceive it.

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    Perfectionism is a trauma response

    In my imagination was always the picture of the loving family, of parents who love you just the way you are, who support you when you fall, who see and connect to you, who make an effort to understand you, who give you the feeling of belonging.It was only an idealistic picture, non of this was true but it was with me for such a long time.Even in my twenties I couldn’t accept that I was raised in a climate of disconnection, depression, loneliness, stress, pressure and emotional coldness. Perfectionism was my escape, the illusion to get this feeling of warmth, love, connection, compassion and belonging when I do everything…

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    Nothing to loose

    „There is a life and there is a death, and there are beauty and melancholy between. -Albert Camus – Nothing to loose When you dance with the joy of the waves, there is nothing to loose.When you embrace the solace of the ocean, there is nothing to loose.When you experience the beauty of everything that surrounds you, there isnothing to loose.When you give your tears, tears of joy and sorrow to the salty water, let it merge… there is nothing to loose.There is beauty in all your being, in all your feelings.There is beauty in all your experiences, in all loss, in all success.Be like the ocean, live in your…

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    The home of the soul

    „Home is what you take with you, not what you leave behind.“ – N.K. Jemisin – Dear little inner child, it is safe to leave those people behind who never understood you, who didn’t care for you because you will meet real friends, experience real connections by the ocean. It is safe to leave those places behind where you felt you don’t belong, where you felt prisoned and stuck because you will find a place of freedom and connection by the ocean. It is safe to leave those fears and doubts about not being enough behind because you will learn to set sails, to navigate through storms, to surf the…

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    The ocean will set you free

    „Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.“ – Jim Morrison – When fear of regrets is your biggest fear and you know how real this fear can be, because you have looked death into the eyes, what is there to be afraid of? When you know how fast your life can end, unfulfilled dreams sinking with you to the ground of the ocean, what will stay, what will you leave on the shore? When you have dived to the depths of your fears, only to see that they are old baggage sunken with the…

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    Tears of compassion

    Tears of compassion  I look at the blank, white page and my head seems to burst, thoughts are hammering against my temples. There is this feeling as if my life is running out of control. There is this feeling of loneliness, sadness, unworthiness and not belonging. Salty tears draw wet circles on the page, circles of relief and I start to write: Dear ocean, Whenever I’m in your waves, I feel that I belong here. Whenever I feel your salty water on my skin, I feel safe and born, as if I’m connected with all the drops of water your waves contain. I want to give you all the sadness, fears and pain that my…

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    Your heart’s waves are your ‘Carpe diem’

    Your heart’s waves are your ‘Carpe diem’  🌊💙🌊 Creativity is an expression of your heart’s truth. Creativity is in every action you take, how you create your life. Creativity is connecting to your heart, is listening to your heart’s voice. What makes you connect to your heart’s truth? First there is an acknowledgement that you are a creative being, that you express your creativity in how you live your life. Is this life in alignment with your heart’s truth? How does your life, your relationships, your work, your place where you live, make you feel? The awareness and acceptance of the power of your creativity gives you the opportunity to make choices, a choice to live your heart’s…