Ocean mindfulness

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    The Thinker

    The Thinker The writing prompt: At the museum Choose three display pieces, one as the title and the other two within your story. Rodin museum, Paris The Thinker by Auguste Rodin https://www.musee-rodin.fr/en/musee/collections/oeuvres/thinker Hylas and the nymphs by Alexandre Falguière https://www.musee-rodin.fr/en/musee/collections/oeuvres/hylas-and-nymphs Meditation or the inner voice by Auguste Rodin https://www.musee-rodin.fr/en/musee/collections/oeuvres/meditation-or-inner-voice The Thinker Paul was sitting at his desk, frowning, chin resting on his hand. He looked out of the window but he didn’t really see anything, only skyscrapers. His thoughts rushed through his head, just like the never-ending traffic in the city. He had had a meeting with his boss and it ended with an argument: the sales has to go…

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    Stepping Stones

    Stepping stones Stepping stones are guiding you to walk with a courageous heart. A heart that opens the door to a new world, that can climb over every obstacle in the way. Stepping stones are guiding you over every current, so that you can reach the other shore. A shore that seems so far away. Stepping stones are guiding you into the waves of adventures, waves of the aliveness of the heart. A heart that wants you to live your bold freedom. Stepping stones are guiding you into clarity. A clarity that occurs when the storms and mud have settled. Walk confidently, step by step, watch and listen to the…

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    I watched the branches of the apple tree moving with the gentle breeze and I saw that the buds are already there, ready for wintering and preparing for spring at the same time. Am I ready for wintering? Am I ready to let things transform into a peaceful state, waiting for the sun of spring to wake them up? Am I ready for wintering, for waiting patiently to give things time to grow without doing something for it? Am I ready to surrender to the silence and going inwards to restore my energy, to fill my heart with the nurturing of winter to be able to blossom again? Am I…

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    An invitation to reconnect

    I was there before, it is just a thought that you need to go on holiday. This thought of a time off that will make things better, that this will be the solution to the exhaustion, to the tension, numbness and sadness you feel. Yes, it’s true, slowing down and getting away from your routines from time to time are necessary to recharge your energy, to get more joy and flow into your life.But this debilitating weariness and foggy sadness are signs. My body wants me to know that I’m navigating into the wrong direction. My heart wants me to know that I’m in a self-induced prison, far away from…

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    You belong

    You belong Even if you feel lost, you belong.The ocean is waiting to embrace you with its waves.Even if you feel alone, you belong.The ocean takes you in its comfort.Even if you don’t know where to go, you belong.The ocean will make you feel coming home.Even if you feel weak and discouraged, you belong.The ocean will help you to become stronger.Even if you feel scared and full of doubts, you belong.The ocean will carry you to new horizons.Even if you feel not enough, you belong.The ocean will connect you to your heart.Even if you feel not loved, you belong.The ocean will reflect all the love within your beautiful soul. Even…

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    Making the unbearable bearable

    One of my coping mechanism to deal with trauma is the need to make sense of situations, of experiences that have no sensible reason why they happened. What is the mental response to a traumatic event? For me it was and I still catch myself of doing it sometimes: Overthinking. I desperately tried to find a sense and meaning in these events.When you do this from early childhood on, you might program your brain to think illogical thoughts, you create limiting believes for yourself.I’ll give you an example: When a child experienced disconnection and that emotional needs aren’t met, the child can come to the conclusion that she or he…

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    The young girl and the sea

    When did the ocean first connect with me? I was a child that felt very lonely and lost, disconnected and not belonging, not to a family ora group of friends, actually it felt as if I wasn’t wanted, like a burden.I grew up with my mom who got divorced from my dad when I was 3 years old. My mom suffered from severe depression and there were always worries about howto get enough money for our daily life. I tended to dream myself out of my situation. I dreamed of adventures, of being brave, of exploring new places.I loved books so much and especially those about bold adventurers, about pirates,…

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    Waves Huge waves that keep my heart frozen, paralyzed, that drown me in my fears.Waves that shake me up, wake me up from a nightmare. Waves that bring me back into the here and now, into my life.What if the cold and darkness is only an illusion?What if the waves get me back to the surface, into the light, into a life of joy?What if there is this wave, only waiting for me, a wave, my wave that is meant to be,waiting for my courage?What if there is a wave only I can surf with all my heart, with all my being? What if there is no fear, only waves…

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    To the lighthouse

    To the lighthouse To the lighthouse I go,when the clouds seem to fall from the sky,when I can’t see the light,when there was nowhere to go.I can only hear the sound of the waves,I walk in a rain of tears, further and further,in a turmoil of thoughts.Where is a sign that parts the clouds, illuminates the sky, protects my heart?To the lighthouse I go,when the storms let me fall,when the waves crush against my heart.I can feel the solid rock in the waves,the helping hand, the light of hope.Suddenly I see a flash of light,aiming through the sky, aiming for my heart. A light that grows stronger and stronger, drying…

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    I decide

    I decide I decide that my dreams are meant for me,that I can live them. I decide to create, to inspire, to support like the ocean does for me. I decide to let my worries flow and that I am abundant,an abundant ocean of love. I decide to live and to be like the ocean,full of joy and freedom. I decide that this life is already here and that I only have to decide toreceive it.