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When I started to listen, I stepped into the healing journey of my life


I went into a burnout episode recently.

Although I thought that I had all the tools to prevent this, I was sad and depressed and didn’t know what to do and why it has happened to me again.

Why did I fall off the bandwagon and get into the mode of running through my life feeling disconnected from myself, feeling lost as if all the joy in my life has abandoned me?

I was so disconnected from how I want to feel, from how I dream my life could be. I missed the feeling of aliveness, when you explore new things or go on little trips and adventures, the feeling of freedom when you can leave your daily life for a while. This feeling of not having the burden of working through tight schedules or doing work that makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

I missed the feeling of playfulness, of feeling carefree and escaping your worries for a while.

I longed for the feeling of trust in life, that everything is taken care of, that you will find a solution or that a way shows up when you walk your path confidently, step by step.

Trust in life

It’s the trust in your skills and talents that you can create your way out of problems, that you will find a way to live a life you dream of no matter the circumstances or the struggles and obstacles that get in the way.

It’s the trust that in the end everything will happen to your highest good, that you can connect the dots from your past, from every detour you took.

The realization that everything that got you off your track has served your path in life, has helped you to become the person you are meant to be.

Trust in life is the deep inner knowing that your heart knows the way, that it will guide you sometimes in ways you never could have imagined.

Trust in life is you living by the inner knowing that going the way of your dreams is your unique life’s journey that is meant for you to travel.

Trust in life is listening to this guidance and going the way of the heart no matter what appears during your journey.

Finding the connection

Burnout is a loss of connection to this guidance.

It’s a time when you are deaf to the voice of your heart.

It’s a time when you put up a shield which prevents you from connecting to your heart and intuition, to love and trust in life.

When you are connected to your inner guidance, you can feel your inner joy, your creativity and playfulness, the feeling of freedom and possibilities. You feel that the world is an open space, a playground where everything is possible to manifest, where you can create something beautiful with your creativity, skills and talents.

When you are in burnout mode you can’t connect to the trust in life.

Everything feels heavy, dark, sad and restricted. You feel imprisoned, hopeless and incapable. The memory of joyful times seems so far away, impossible to reach again. You can’t seem to find a way out of your struggles and problems. You search for a way into the light, into lightness, joy and ease but you can only find the heavy burdens on your shoulders.

How can you break through these dark clouds? How can you find your way back into the light, onto the way of your heart that is accompanied by joy, aliveness, adventure and freedom?

You have to stop and listen again.

You have to listen to silence to stop the overwhelming turmoil of your thoughts that want to drive you deeper into the darkness.

The silence of a quiet mind is a way to find peace. In this state there is no judgement of how your current situation is, of your struggles and problems. You simply are in the here and now. You are enough. You don’t have to prove something, you don’t have to be someone you don’t want to be, you don’t have to do something or fulfill the expectations of others.

Sitting in silence and listing to what your heart will come up with is the first step to get you out of your walls you have built up around your heart.

This isn’t always easy to do. Being in silence, alone with your thoughts that are rushing through your head can be overwhelming. But you can silence these thoughts, thoughts that don’t serve you and make you feel sad most of the time.

Start listening again

Imagine the ocean, imagine the surface of the water and the horizon on a calm day.

Imagine how the surface and the horizon merge into one, like a blue, blank canvas.

Can you feel this silence? Can you enjoy this moment of stillness, of lightness and the hope that comes up?

The hope and promise of rebirth, of a new beginning?

This blue, blank canvas lies in front of you. It’s your time to listen to your heart.

Listen to what comes up from the depth, listen to what wants to emerge.

You will recognize that all the outer noice, all those things that are pulling at you are left outside from this place of silence. It’s only you and the ocean of your heart.

Your heart wants you to create something on this blank canvas. It wants you to look for a beautiful pebble that lies on the shore, a pebble that has patterns of your heart’s waves on it.

Your heart wants you to pick up this pebble and throw it into the ocean.

It wants you to listen and watch the sound of your heart’s melody.

What ripples will you create? Where will these ripples take you? Where will you go from there? What will you do? What is your first step to follow these ripples?

Breathe with the tiny waves that your pebble has created, breathe into the silence of the ocean. With every breathing out you let go of your old thoughts and dark clouds, with every breathing in you break through the walls and shields around your heart. With every breath you let the silence of the ocean in and get closer to the connection to your heart. With every breath you listen to silence, you listen to your heart and you will heal.

Follow these ripples that soon will become waves. Trust in these waves, trust in the ocean of life. They will lead you in the right direction. These waves are your way to feel joy, connection, aliveness and freedom again. These ways will help you to be in your heart’s truth again so that you can experience the trust in life.

Listening is the first step into the journey of healing, a healing from disconnection that shows up in burnout, in the loss of connection to the heart and trust in life.

Listening is the first step to finding yourself again and the start of the journey to the life of your dreams.

— —

This is the first part of the ‘Listen to …’ series, more is coming soon

Journaling helps me to listen and connect to my heart. It supports me on my healing journey and that’s the reason why I created a journal which helped me to step into connection and guidance of the heart again.

It helps me to listen to my dreams and joy within through writing and getting inspiration from the ocean.

I called it: Listen to joy — Journal

In 11 chapters you will listen to different areas of your life including journaling prompts, inspirational texts, audio meditation and ocean photography to experience joy and connection.

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