“If you don’t become the ocean, you will be seasick every day.“ 

(Leonard Cohen)


I’m Sandra

and I would like to share with you a few steps of my journey to live life like an ocean.

What should I write about myself, if I get the impression that life is changing and shaping me just as the ocean is changing and shaping the coasts?

For me, life is a journey and I love learning, challenging myself, growing and evolving.

I try to find my flow and try to find a way to swim with the change of the tides.

I love life, and I believe that everyone has unique potential and talents to bring something special to the world and to create a life true to the authentic self.

Before I got this look at life, I lived a life of perfectionism, mistrust and high stress levels. A life in which I lost the connection to myself, the positive attitude towards the future and that it is possible to live a life according to my dreams and goals.

I wanted to fulfill the high expectations that I set for myself and the great demands in my job as an self-employed veterinarian which led me into a burn out.

Sudden deaths in my family led me further into the downward spiral. 

I developed an autoimmune disease due to these traumatic events and my emotional state. 

It has turned my world upside down.

But I wanted to be healed, I wanted to live and that leads me to where I am now, to something that has been with me the whole time: the love for the ocean.
This has made me a person who is passionate about life, a passionate sailor, swimmer and surfer, a passionate learner and a person who is optimistic about the future.

The love for the ocean is therefore a healing and a teacher for me.

It represents all aspects of life: the body, the mind and the soul and I was healed because I could reconcile this connection.

Science has also proven that chronic diseases can be healed and prevented when you balance body, mind and soul, and through my experience I believe that to be true.

I would like to inspire and help people, through my experiences and education, to balance their lives, to begin the journey to their authentic selves, and to live a life in which they follow their dreams.

It is the journey and the adventure to become and live life like the ocean.

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