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Ebb Tide – A journey with the tides – Volume 1

This is a photo I took when I went to a beautiful little island in Brittany at ebb tide.

You can go there only when the water retreats.

You have to walk up a hill where the lighthouse seems to watch over the bay and over a little secret garden.

At ebb tide, this island opens the door for you.

A place to be by yourself, to relax, to go within and find peace.

Every time I go there, it’s like leaving everything that bothers me behind.

It’s embarking on a journey with the ocean as your guide, with a new hope on the horizon of dawn.

When I think of this place, there are also memories of little twists and turns in my life after traveling there.

It’s a place of transformation, a place that is formed by the flow of the ocean, by the waves that are attracted by the sun and moon.

These changes that start almost within first are always subtle, like at ebb tide, only a small shift in the flow of the water.

The sun greets you at sunrise, a new door opens and the water gives free way for your first steps into a new world, onto a new journey.

That’s how it all began:

Ebb Tide

I walk to the shore at ebb tide

Lonely sands of time

Water is flowing out like distant memories

My feet are stuck in the sand

Anchored in the shore of the past

The heart wants to break free from it all

It’s the flow of life

The journey with the tides

Preparing for a new dawn of hope on the horizon

It’s time to let go

My regrets are flowing with the water

Tears of freedom drip onto the salty sand at ebb tide

Ebb tide is the first book of a photo & poetry coffee-table book series I called ‘A journey with the tides’

The print and digital version of the book is now available here:


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