30 days of ocean essays

Day 1: Finding inner peace and silence in the ocean’s waves

Why is finding inner peace and silence so important?
Why is connecting to this silence and listening to the voice of your heart the beginning of a self-healing process?

Many chronic diseases have its roots in the disconnection from your true self, in living in a constant stress modus, in a life that is running on autopilot without taking time to pause and reflect, without listening to the silence and finding peace within.
The body shows you this disconnection from your true self in many ways:
tensions in the muscles, restlessness, sleeplessness, lack of focus and concentration, overthinking, headache, problems with the digestive system, skin problems, lack of motivation and energy, mood swings… and the list goes on and on.
Like the to-do-list that gets only bigger and bigger and rules your life. There seems no end, no time to pause for a moment.

Do you feel sometimes you can’t breathe, as if your throat ties up, as if you are trapped and desperately want to liberate yourself?
There is this huge desire for freedom, for fresh air, for a moment to pause, for being able to disconnect from the outside world, to listen again to the body, mind and soul.
There is this desire to listen to the heart again and finding inner peace and silence.
Listening is feeling again, to get out of this numbness, to feel with all your senses.

Come with me on journey to listen, feel and connect to the ocean:

Do you smell the fresh, salty air that is bringing clarity to your mind? Do you see the vast blue, the endless horizon that brings you calmness?

Can you listen to the sound of the waves, a sound that connects you to the waves of your heart?

Do you feel the gentle touch of the waves that carry you and lift all the burdens from your shoulders?
Do you feel this lightness?

Can you taste the salty water, the taste of freedom, of adventure, of feeling alive and full of joy again?

It is this connection to your senses, this being in the present moment that brings you inner peace. You make space for new inspiration, for connecting to your intuition.
Only in this silence, this inner peace you are able to listen again, to connect to your soul, to find clarity where your heart wants you to go.
In this silence, in the depths of the ocean you will start to heal.
You will heal through finding your connection to your body, heart and soul again.
The ocean supports you on your way to connect to your inner peace and silence.
Connecting to inner peace, to your ocean within is healing.

Day 2: Balance or the wave of your life

„There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.“ – Alain de Botton –

Sometimes life crashes over you like a big wave, it pulls you down and feels like you are almost drowning.
How to get up, back to the surface and catch the revitalizing breath?
How to find your strength to keep flowing, to find the balance that is needed to surf the waves of life?

Balancing is integrating the polarities, the yin and yang, the balance of action and rest.
It has to become all one:
When big waves pull you down, you have to be calm and you will rise up to the surface.
When the waves are calmer, try to make an effort, paddle out and catch them.
Big waves no matter if they symbolize your big dreams or challenging life events are worth to fight for, to overcome and surf them.

What if this unbalance gets you to your balance in life?
What if every wave that gets you off your feet help you to learn, to grow, to improve your skills to find balance?

Sometimes the waves seem too big to surf, but isn’t it worth it to try?
Isn’t it worth it to learn to balance, to learn to let go of judging and integrate both, the calm and the stormy days and see it as part of the big picture, the oneness?
Everything that brings you out of balance helps you to refill your body with energy, your mind with experiences and knowledge, your heart with love and joy.
Everything that gets you off your board prepares you for surfing the big wave of your dreams.
One day you will have developed your integrated balance and ride the wave of your life.
You will see that it was worth all the effort and you’ll surf your wave with
ease and joy, with the heart full of love for life.

Day 3: Be like water, be the ocean

„Be like water making its way trough cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.
Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

– Bruce Lee –

Can you give up the struggle, the need to fight your way through life?
Can you find a way to go more with the flow, a way to swim to the other shore more easily even if the currents are against you?

Questions I ask myself as a former perfectionist and people pleaser, as a burnout and autoimmune disease survivor.
Questions I ask myself because of how I lived my life.
A life in a trap, in this constant need to go faster, doing more and more, never felt it is good enough, that I am good enough.
This false belief that others would like me then, that I would belong.
But life had other plans and I am so glad that it did.

I had to learn to go with the flow, to learn that you can’t swim against the currents.
I had to learn to swim my way through them in a more gentle and fluid way.
I had to learn to dive and merge into the water, to become it, to be one with the ocean of life.
Perfectionism put me into a rocky prison that nearly broke me but I started to choose the way of the water, to trust the flow of life, not to fight it anymore.

You will get to the other shore, through all the currents in small steps, stroke by stroke.
Often not on the way you expected, the ocean is unpredictable.
But when you start swimming with an open heart and mind, willing to adjust, to find a solution in the present moment, to be flexible, you will get there.
Be like water, like the ocean, have the courage to let the expectations on the shore, break free from this prison and flow, swim to the other shore.

Day 4: The ocean of freedom within

„ Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.“

– Voltaire –

I wanted to feel free again, to feel the freedom within, no matter how the circumstances are on the outside.
I wanted to see the blue ocean that calms my mind, this blue that gives me so much clarity and inspiration.
I wanted to dive into the depths of the ocean to feel and listen to the silence, to liberate my mind from overwhelming thoughts.
I wanted to swim with the ocean’s waves to feel lightness and serenity, to give all my worries to the waves.
I wanted to feel adventure and excitement again, to be fully in the present moment, to feel the essence of my being in the vastness of the ocean.

I am thinking these thoughts, feeling the emotions, the oneness with the ocean only because I am in this precious moment.
I have this freedom within me, it is always by my side. All I’ve ever wanted is already there.
There is an ocean of freedom in my heart.

Day 5: Lessons from swimming through a pitch black night or how the ocean taught me to overcome my fears

When I got off that boat in the middle of a dark, cold night to swim the short distance to the shore, to the starting point of my English Channel swim, my knees were shaking, my heart was racing and I felt this big knot in my stomach.
I got into this pitch black water and followed the little spot of light to the shore. Everything seemed to be black, even the White Cliffs were only a dark grey shadow.

I was in fear but the desire to reach the other shore in France was much bigger and so I started my journey through the darkness.

My mind was sending me pictures of lurking sharks and other sea creatures from the depth. It was as if my mind wanted to get me out of this, but in the struggle of mind against heart, my heart always wins and so it didn’t let me turn back. My heart knew that I could do this.

It is feeling the fear and doing it with the focus on what lies just in front of you, to put it into small reachable steps. For me this meant: just follow the tiny light from the boat, stroke by stroke.
I knew that fear is only a self-produced perception caused by the unknown, a survival instinct activated through the presence of a pitch black ocean.

As I swam hours through the dark I realized that I was surrendering and suddenly with every breath I took I became aware of the beautiful stars in the dark sky. After hours the night turned more and more into blue colors, it got brighter until I witnessed the first rays of the rising sun on the horizon. With the rising sun all my fears were gone and this deep ‚knowing‘ entered my heart:

You can only see the beauty of the stars in the darkness, after every dark period will be a new dawn, a new beginning. There are always friends by your side, even if you can’t see them. They will carry you like the waves to the other shore.
Follow your heart because love will conquer fear, always.
In the end you will be fine.

Day 6: Back on track or getting lost?
Or why I miss the ocean so much…

I created new daily habits, a new morning routine, a routine with things I want to get done on a daily basis, things that should get me back on track again, on the way to reach my goals.

Surely you know these kind of things: healthy habits like exercising more (had to replace my daily swim training due to lockdown), skipping sugar, drinking more water…
Some creative routines: taking and editing at least one photo a day, writing a certain word count and now 30 essays every day…
Reducing stress routines: daily meditation, yoga, daily walk in nature…
Routines that bring more joy into my life: learning new skills, participating in groups, courses, reading more…

All these little habits and routines get me back on track, especially in this challenging times, when our lives are so affected by restrictions.
These little steps, habits bring you one step further to your dreams and goals, and by making them a routine you don’t have to put energy in making a decision, you just do it without thinking, it becomes a ‚good‘ habit.

But what about the beauty of getting lost?
The beauty of surprise, of breaking free from ‚rules‘, of getting off the beaten track?
What about finding new ways, new inspirations?

That’s why I miss the ocean so much, this feeling of aliveness I get in its waves, the adventure of getting lost in its freedom.
The ocean puts me in an environment of flexibility, of flow and playfulness, in a space of freedom and unpredictability that makes you learn to adapt to the present moment, to learn to use all your senses.

I miss this feeling of getting lost in the water, getting lost in time and space, on ways you have never seen before. It’s like become this child again, the explorer discovering new things.
I miss this feeling of getting lost in the vastness of the ocean, in the waves and on the shoreline, the real experience, new adventures away from the restricted, virtual and habitual world.

Day 7: The ocean is my muse

Do we even need a muse to be creative?

The muse or creativity flows naturally to each of us, when we are connected to what sparks our curiosity. Curiosity leads to the joy of exploring and learning, maybe curiosity is even the source for joy in life.

My experience is when you want to be creative, follow the little breadcrumbs of joy.
Ask yourself what makes your heart sing, what brings you joy in life.
Joy will lead you to your natural playfulness, a curiosity that will guide you to your creativity.
For me this source of joy is the ocean.

This pure joy of being in its waves, being playful again, exploring its marine life and new places, going on adventures, the joy of learning and experiencing new things.
The ocean is my muse because it connects to my heart and soul, to the joy of being in the present moment.
Being in the present moment, in a moment of joy sparks the flame of the muse, of new inspirations and ideas.
It helps you to see the world from a new perspective, with an open mind and heart.

A precious moment by the ocean makes me realize what I value the most: Freedom
Freedom is my North Star, my compass and driver. It nourishes my curiosity and joy.
Freedom is what I would love to see more in the world, what I wish for everyone to experience and so freedom is my creative expression.
Maybe freedom is my real muse.

Day 8: Every wave is a new beginning

Imagine you are walking on the shore, watching the waves rolling in and out.

When you look back you can see your footprints washed away by every wave that is coming in.
You look in front of you and watch how every wave that leaves the shore paint a blank canvas on the sand.
You breathe in the refreshing, salty air with every incoming wave, you breathe in the new energy of the waves.
You breathe out with every waves that rolls back to the ocean, you breathe out and let go of everything that is holding you back.

Imagine you decide every moment anew which wave you want to follow, which wave you let pass by. You decide which wave you want to surf, for which wave you want to make an effort, to paddle out.
You don’t look back, you are just in this moment without regrets for the waves you let go.

You know that there will always be a new wave that pave the way for a new canvas, that will give you the chance to surf into a new beginning, into a future of freedom and joy.
Which wave will you choose?

Day 9: Try again

Day 10: Lost connection

I realized how lost I was, how detached and disconnected,
disconnected from my body, heart, intuition, from my soul, my true self. Was I able to feel this disconnection, these emotions and fears I had?
Could I have it known better as a little child that lived with a depressed
mother, a child that felt responsible for her happiness and wellbeing?

I didn’t connect to my feelings and emotions, to my loneliness and
insecurities, to my fears of not belonging and not being loved.
I stored these wounds in my body, in my heart until my body broke, until
my disease cracked my heart open, until I nearly lost my life.

What helped me to heal?
What helped me to find my connection again?
It was sitting with my fears of feeling these wounds, of connecting to them. It was the ocean that supported me to find this connection to my body and
soul again:

Have you ever been hold by the ocean’s waves and felt born, reborn again?
Have you ever surfed the waves and felt this joy and freedom to be alive, how it connects these emotions to your body?
Have you ever dived into the depths of the ocean and felt the connection to your heart, to the healing silence?
Have you ever felt that you belong to the ocean, that it is like a loving home?

Freedom is reconnecting, is feeling your emotions in your body in a non judgmental way.
Freedom is connecting to your body, heart and soul.
Freedom is the connection to the ocean of your soul.

Day 11: Let your dreams fly or how important it is to relax into your dreams

Let’s fly back, 3 years ago, a cold day in January.
It was my birthday and I stood on this small wooden platform at Cap Gris Nez in France.
I looked over the English Channel, over the blue sea on a sunny day.
The White Cliffs of Dover were hidden in the mist.
There was only a blue out, merging of sea and sky.

I had a little note with me on that day, where I had written down
everything I wanted to let go, give to the sea, everything that was holding me back.
I stood there and asked myself: ‚Will I ever get the chance to swim the Channel, to end up here where I’m now standing?‘
I let my thoughts and dreams fly over the sea to the other side.

Two and a half years later I stood on the shore of Semphire Hoe in Dover and started my dream.

How did I get so far?

I believed in my dream, in swimming every day, in training for hours, in the concept of one stroke at time.
And I stopped looking into the distance.
I knew that the other shore is there, waiting for me.
I knew that one day it will come true, my chance to try to swim to France
and until then I relaxed into my dream and focused on only what was directly in front of me, on what I have to do on this day, every morning anew.

Let your dreams fly over the ocean and know that they will come true, one day, when you’ll stand on the shore, at a Cap and have the courage to fly.

Day 12: Beyond silence

Day 13:

I never wanted to quit 

or when it’s time to let go?

I’m not good at letting go of projects and ideas I have invested so much time and effort in. 
I’m not good at letting go of people in my life with whom I share wonderful memories. 
Maybe I’m not good at letting go at all and have a tendency to hold on too tight.

Things change, people move on, change directions and values, sometimes only the shared moments seemed to be left.

I have problems to leave ideas and dreams behind I wanted to achieve so much in the past, I tried so hard to make come true, to leave people and things I felt responsible for.

When do I know it’s time to quit, to let go?

It’s time to let go when it doesn’t feel in alignment with your heart anymore, when it feels heavy and like a burden, when it sucks all the joy out of your life, when you feel imprisoned and are yearning for freedom and aliveness.

It’s time to let go, to quit when you find yourself fighting against the currents, against the waves, when you can’t find your flow, this feeling of belonging and oneness with the ocean of your life.

Life will challenge you, transform and change you like the tides, but when you find your way to overcome these waves, to surf them, when you find the strength and determination to get to the other shore, it’s worth to keep going.

Keep going when your inner voice, your heart is nudging you, your intuition pulls you in the direction of the other shore. 

They say winners never quit, but is this really true?

It’s true when you know what it’s worth to keep going for. 
Make your heart your North Star and you are on the path of winning. 
Never quit something that brings you joy and freedom in your life. 
Never quit following the ocean’s waves of your heart.

Day 14:

Grounding into the flow

an ocean meditation part 1

Imagine you are walking along the shore, you pause for a moment, you let your eyes wander and become aware of the magical place you are in: 
the energizing sound of the waves, the clear, blue colour of the ocean, the fresh salty air, the warm sand under your feet. 
With the call of the seagulls, the feeling of the sun on your face, you close your eyes. 
You take in a few breaths: breathing in 4 sec., breathing out 4 sec. 

Breathe with the gentle sounds of the waves, sense how the fresh, salty air fills your lungs. 
You sense how your belly rises and falls with every deep breath you take like the waves rolling in and out onto the shore. 
Your breath, the warm rays of the sun, the ocean make you feel calm, fill you with energy but at the same time with an inner peace.

Then you start walking slowly towards the gentle waves until you feel how the cool water surrounds your feet. 
You listen to the plashing noice as you walk slowly further and further. 
With every step you take, you give your worries to the ground, the ocean’s waves wash them all away. 
With every step you can release your fears, with every step you feel lighter and lighter.

Every breath clears the tensions in your body, every step fills you with hope. 
Every wave gives you your strength and energy back, fills your heart with courage, joy and freedom. 
Can you feel how your heart is opening, letting in the light, the energy of the ocean?

You feel carried by this energy, reborn and connected. Your heart is grounding into the flow of the waves, it transforms all your fears and worries into courage, hope and love. 
Your heart is grounding into the ocean, into the sound of silence, into inner peace. 
With every step you are grounding into the love of your soul.

Day 15

The secret of the dolphin 🐬

an ocean meditation part 2

You walk towards the gentle, blue waves and feel how the water refreshes your body. 
You go further and further until you can lift your feet from the ground and start to swim. 
You stop after a moment, turn on your back and let the waves carry you. You just float weightlessly and drift into a deep silence.

The waves touch your body, your legs and arms and seem to lift you. 
Your fingers glide over the surface, through the waves, everything feels light. 
The waves carry you further and further, you feel weightless, as if the waves lift you up to the sky.

You are starting to fly like a seagull over the waves. 
You can see the sea foam, the deep blue depth of the ocean and suddenly you witness a dolphin jumping out of the waves. 
You look at the dolphin that comes closer and you see a twinkle in its eyes.  
The dolphin has a message, a secret for you:

‚When was the last time you make time to just be, to float in the ocean?  
When was the last time you got carried away by the ocean’s waves? 
You do need to make time to play in the waves like I do, to feel joyful, free and serene. 
You do need to make time to play and communicate with others like I do, when I swim in my pod. 
You need to lift your heavy burdens from your shoulders and give them to the ocean. 
You can’t swim effortlessly with a heavy load.

Life is for you to live it with joy, to live and express yourself freely. 
Life is precious and your time is limited, so play with me and experience the bliss and freedom of the ocean.’

Day 16: Gratitude for life

„Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.
Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.“

– Roy T. Bennett –

I’m grateful to be able to take a walk along the shore, to breathe in the fresh, salty air without feeling the need to pause after a short time.
I’m grateful to walk upon the cliffs, watch the waves how they crash onto the rocks.
I’m grateful that I can climb onto these rocks and feel the sea foam on my face, the vibrant energy.
I’m grateful that I can feel the warm sand under my feet, that I can jump into the ocean and be playful and alive in its waves.
I’m grateful to be able to discover the vastness and beauty of the ocean, its marine life and to be inspired to live and express my creativity.
I’m grateful that the ocean washes away all my sorrow and pain, that it helped me to heal and to find my courage and strength again.
I’m grateful that the ocean teaches me to live a life in alignment with my heart, to find meaning and my purpose in life.
I’m grateful for the people I met through the ocean, for the connections, for the inspiration and the helping hands that get me out of strong currents and storms, for the mutual experiences while swimming through the waves.
I’m grateful to live life like an ocean.

Day 17:

Stress relief for ocean lovers 

How to calm down after a stressful day, when you feel overwhelmed and stuck? 
The trick is to get yourself into the present moment, out of your thought loop and into your body through mindfulness and awareness. Use your senses and your imagination. 
Here are some suggestions, even when you’re not close to the ocean:

° Ocean air: Take deep breaths for a few minutes, imagine you fill your lungs with salty air and prolong your exhalation. Make a slight noise in your throat, when you breathe out. The yogis call it the ocean sound breath. 
For surfers: make a pause before you take your next inhale. Pick your favorite surf wax, have a deep inhale, take in the smell of coconuts 🥥🌊🏄🏼‍♀️

° Ocean taste: Have your favorite drink and imagine you are sitting in a nice beachside café watching the waves. 
I love to have a good smoothie or a cappuccino in my favorite ocean mug. I love to feel the warmth on my hands, the smell of fresh ground coffee. The perfect after surf feeling. 
For surfers: put an extra dose of salt into your meal 🧂🌊

° Ocean sound: Listen to your favorite ocean vibe music or to relaxing wave sounds. 
For surfers: There are wonderful playlists especially relaxing ‚after surf’ ones 🌊🎶

° Ocean views: Grab your favorite ocean magazine, book or watch an ocean video. Just by looking at these wonderful images, the endless blue, the clear glassy surf you will relax instantly. 
The colour blue stands for peace and clarity. So submerge yourself into the deep blue. 
For surfers: Watch one of these incredible vids of big wave surfing🌊🌊🌊🏄🏼‍♀️

° Touch of the ocean: I have a lot of sea shells and pebbles in my home and even in my car, love to pick them up and dream myself back to the place where I collected them. For surfers: This works also with fins you found on the beach after your surf session🏄🏼‍♀️

° Connect to water: Go for a walk, connect to nature and a stretch of water, even if it’s only a small stream. Water calms and heals the soul. For surfers: Got your shoes out, get into the stream and improve your backside 👞🌊🏄🏼‍♀️

Day 18: Magical mornings by the ocean

I wake up with a smile on my face, it’s still dark and I take a few moments to dream about the upcoming day.
I go downstairs, make myself a cup of coffee, grab my journal and start to write down everything that’s going round in my mind.
My thoughts are rolling like waves onto the shore, rolling onto paper. The words flow freely without editing, without judging them.
What am I grateful for?
What is my intention for the day?
What is a tiny step that brings me closer to my dream?
The sun sends its first rays over the horizon and paints the sky red.
I’m on my way to the ocean, the sand is still cold from the night.
I can feel a gentle breeze coming from the water and I pause for a moment,
taking in the whole scene.
Every dawn is a promise, a new beginning.
With my board under my arm I wade into the ocean and paddle out right
towards the rising sun.
I wait, just wait for the wave to come.
The more the sun warms my face and the more the ocean’s surface
becomes an ocean of sparkling stars, the more my heart opens up.
It’s this magical moment by the ocean, fallen out of time and space, this
magical morning that fills you with pure joy, with pure being.
It doesn’t matter if and when the next wave will come.
You know that this magical moment is always there, there for you to surf
the wave of bliss and freedom.

Day 19:

A message in a bottle 

A letter from the ocean

On that morning, when I picked up that bottle which the waves had washed on the shore, nothing stayed the same. 
I felt my heart beating, when I opened the bottle, got out the rolled, yellowed paper and started reading the first words written in a beautiful handwriting:

‚ Dear …‘ first I couldn’t see a name, but suddenly it seems as if my name appeared on the paper written in dark blue letters.

‚…I know how sad and alone you feel, unworthy and not being loved and appreciated. 
I know that they told you: „ Only if you work hard, you will be accepted and loved, only then you will belong.“ 
I know that you only got attention and a bit of kindness, when you tried to be perfect, when you played by the rules, that you were the person who gave comfort, even if you were suffering and in pain yourself.

It’s time for you to know that you are always safe and carried by my waves, that you are good enough, just the way you are. 
You are worthy to sing the song of your heart like my whales sing their unique song, like all the marine life wandering through my kingdom.  

You are not alone.  
The dolphins will always swim by your side.  
Play with them, play in my waves and let all your sorrow flow away with my tides. 

You are the precious water drop without whom I wouldn’t exist.  
Every drop is unique and forms my beautiful waves.  
You are connected and loved through your perfect, unique being.  
It’s time to live like the wonderful and powerful wave you are.’

Yours always 

The Ocean🌊

Day 20:

Freedom is stepping into your creativity 

Creativity is a self-healing process, because whenever I feel sad, depressed or anxious I take my camera and go for a walk to take photos, to connect to nature, or I grab pen and paper to write down my thoughts.

Taking photos and writing about things I’m passionate about, helps me to feel and fill my heart with joy.

It’s this letting go of thought patterns which keep me stuck and limited.

Creating is like a liberation.

Expressing your true self in a creative way is like liberating and healing your heart and soul.

Whenever I’m by the ocean I feel this freedom, this inspiration like a wave that creates a blank canvas on the shore, that fills you with energy and joy to create something new.

The ocean frees my mind from negative thought spirals, brings clarity only through looking at this blue vastness.

Surfing and swimming in the ocean’s waves teach me to be more courageous and confident, to express my thoughts and feelings.

Stepping into your heart’s waves, expressing your unique creativity is like stepping into your ocean of freedom.

Ask yourself what you are passionate about.  
What makes your heart sing?

Trust your intuition, have the courage to jump into your creative ocean. 

Freedom is waiting for you.

Day 21:

I regret nothing 

I don’t regret that I lost my way from time to time.

The way to the ocean was always there, waiting for me to get back, to get back on track by walking the hidden paths.

I don’t regret that I struggled sometimes, nearly drowned in the waves of life.

It helped me to learn, to experience the triumph of my heart over the ego.

I don’t regret that I tried to leave the safe shore, to swim in this lonely vastness because I started to connect to endless freedom, to the horizon of new beginnings.

I don’t regret that I opened my heart to love and beauty of life, although it has been broken, although it sank in the ocean’s depths several times.

It taught me how to emerge and to retrieve a treasure trove from those depths.

I don’t regret to have lived a life true to the ups and downs of the tides, true to the ocean of my heart, true to the unique expression of my soul.

Dear life, 

if I only have this one wish at the end of my life, 

please, let these be my last words:

I regret nothing.

Day 22:

I am here

I am here
, I will listen, you can trust me and can give all your worries and fears, all your thoughts and feelings to my waves.

I will carry them for you and let them flow with my currents.

I am here to offer you space in my endless blue waters, space to let you be, to be who you truly are.

Dive into my depths with your whole being, with your strengths and flaws, with your joy and sadness, with your success and failure.

Everything will merge in my depths and let you feel light, at ease, whole and enough.

You will feel oneness with my waters.

I am here to help you to grow, to evolve.

Sometimes I challenge you, but I’ll always give you a helping hand to get you out of strong currents and waves.

I’ll guide you through the stormy waters.

I am here for freedom and connection.

No matter how you feel, what happens in your life, I’ll be there.

You can step into my waves, swim to new horizons.

There will always be another shore where you can rest, where you can drop anchor. 
I am here.

In my depths you will find your home.

I am here to guide you to love, freedom and connection. 
I am here to guide you into the ocean of your heart.

I am here to guide you home.

Day 23:

A rebellious act of freedom 

„ The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.“

– Albert Camus –

Can you pause for a moment, setting everything aside, just watching the seagulls, the clouds that pass by?

Can you take time for an instant of gratitude for the sound of the waves, for the healing joy of the salty water?

Can you appreciate that life is not a race?

What if your rebellious act is to become like the tides?

Being at balance, being a cycle of the ocean.

Resting and acting, going inwards and creating patterns on the shore.

How does one become absolutely free, a free soul without attachment, without the prison of the ego and mind?

How does one become a rebellious act of freedom?

A rebellious act of freedom, a smile from the heart like a kiss from the ocean, an act of loving kindness, just staying here by the ocean, being in the true, authentic self:

Peaceful like the depths of the ocean 

Creative as the waves draw the coastline 

Loving like the embrace of the healing water

A rebellious act is a smile from your heart to the freedom of your being, to the infinite love, to your becoming a free soul of the ocean.

Be that smiling wave, 

be that ocean of freedom.

Day 24:

The home of the soul

You are not for everyone but for the ocean you are unique

Your inner voice, your uniqueness, your gift for the world can only be found within your heart. 

You have to lift your anchor, to leave the safe habour and the shore of rules, comparison and external influences.

Leaving the shore takes courage, but you will be rewarded with your freedom and finding your true self.

Step into the ocean with the fear of being alone, of being not for everyone. Instead, you step into the ocean as a unique soul and will experience oneness with all that is around you.

You step into the ocean to leave the busy world, to keep it outside of you, to experience silence.

You might deal with a wave of old wounds, painful experiences might come up to the surface, but these waves will pass, a calmer ocean awaits you.

Then you will be able to listen to your inner voice. 
Pictures of moments of joy will come up, moments when you were in the flow, when you completely forgot space and time.

Stepping into the ocean is finding these moments of peace, joy and happiness. 
It’s like paddling out to catch your wave of bliss.

Listen to the silence of the ocean, to the voice of your heart and follow these waves of your true being.

You only have to focus on your wave. 
Don’t compare yourself, don’t judge yourself. 
You only surf your unique moment of bliss.

Every surfed wave of bliss is the compass to guide you to the shore, to the true home of your soul.

Day 25:

The breadcrumbs of joy

After the loss of my parents, after burn out and falling ill with a severe auto immune disease, I lost all my joy, my optimism and purpose in life.
I was depressed, sad and felt as if my life and my body were falling apart. I was wondering: ‚Does all this make sense anymore?
Why me, of course, why not me?
What happens to all my dreams, all the things I wanted to do in this
lifetime, all the experiences and adventures that were waiting for me?

I wanted to survive, to live and started with all these kind of things that could help and support me to heal: changing my diet, picking up tools to reduce stress level and anxiety like meditation, yoga; working through inner childhood trauma…
But the most important step was to learn to connect to my heart again, to connect and follow what makes my heart sing, to follow the breadcrumbs of joy.

What did I enjoy since childhood days?
What was always with me that I didn’t dare to express, to live?

The clear answer was:

The ocean

I always enjoyed to be in the water, to swim in the waves, to walk and explore the coastline, to learn everything about the marine life.
I loved the experience of freedom, of adventure, the journeys , the boats that took me to new horizons.
I devoured every book about the ocean, got lost in movies about surfing and sailing.
The ocean inspired me to express my creative heart through writing and photography.
It was and is this connection to joy, to what brings me into the flow, that let me forget space and time, to discover what makes my heart sing that brought me on my path of healing.

The ocean is my mentor and supports me to find my purpose in life.
The ocean teaches me how to live a life in alignment with my heart, to step more into the authentic self.
The ocean saved my life, helped me to heal.

I’m now completely recovered although the chances were very low that I could lead a life without medication, but here I’m and writing this to you:

Please don’t go through life and try to fulfill the expectations of others, always check in with your intuition, ask yourself if it is in alignment with your heart.
Ask yourself if you lead a life you love, that brings you joy.

My purpose in life so far is to inspire and support people to recover the connection to their heart, to their dreams, so that they can find a self-healing path to overcome chronic illness, burnout, stress, anxieties and depression with the inspiration of the ocean.
I want to inspire people to live their freedom and express their inner truth, their heart’s voice with the guidance of the ocean.

When you want to find your purpose in life, your gift to the world:

Follow the breadcrumbs of joy, follow what makes your heart sing.

Day 26: Releasing

Day 27: The journey to freedom

The journey to freedom

The desire to feel free, to sail through the waters, to new horizons, a new beginning.
The journey across the ocean, a journey to new adventures.

The desire to feel alive, the adventure of finding a way through the waves, of feeling the wind in the sails.
The journey begins by losing the attachements.

The desire to feel light, carried by the waves, a feeling of being reborn and belonging.
The journey guided by the waves and winds, a journey of finding home.

The desire to feel courageous to set sails, to leave the known harbor behind.
The journey into the depths, the journey of trust to get to the other shore.

The desire to feel connected with the soul of the ocean, with all being, with the love of the heart.
The journey to freedom, the journey of being in the bliss of the ocean of life.

The desire to feel is the journey to the heart.
The journey to the heart is the feeling of freedom and bliss in life.

Day 28:

Create a wave of joy 🌊

„Believe in your abilities to do whatever it may be that settles into your heart.“

– Alex Elle –

Have you ever believed in this concept: ‚When you have the dream in you, it is for you. What is in your heart, is meant for you. You have this dream because you are meant to be the one who can make it come true?’

I believe that we all have a unique gift, talent, dream we’re meant to bring into the world and that we have all what it takes to realize it. It’s often a matter of trust, a trust in our heart.

Can you trust these little nudges of joy? 
Can you allow yourself to get lost in things and actions you love? Can you trust your playfulness? 
Can you allow yourself to get into the flow? 

Can you trust that you are able to surf the waves of your heart?

We are often so hard on ourselves, we think that our life, dreams, purpose have to look perfect, have to be outstanding and super meaningful. We think too small of ourselves, we hold ourselves back and feel we’re not enough or don’t deserve these dreams. 
But isn’t one smile we put on someone’s face enough? 
Isn’t it meaningful enough when we’re in a state of joy and maybe can lighten up someone’s day? 

Isn’t it perfect when you open someone’s heart only because you spread your optimisms, your dreams and joy?

These little smiles create ripples and lead to powerful waves. One smile you bring into the world can cause a wave that is the wave of joy for someone else. 
Your dreams can be someone’s flow, learning experience or help to discover what is in the heart.

I believe in the concept of following the heart, that everyone has a unique gift and what it takes to make the dream come true. 
It’s never about you alone, it’s about creating waves for others to surf, for others to find joy and freedom to dream.

Create waves that come from the joy of your heart, surf these waves with all your courage and trust that the ocean guides you to your dreams.

Day 29:

The ocean is my blank canvas 🎨

Whenever I need clarity and inspiration I go to the ocean and let my gaze wander over the endless, blue surface. 
I look to the horizon that seems to merge with the ocean, a big blue canvas.

My mind becomes still, the turmoil of thoughts calm down and I reach out for this blue of clarity, for the inspiration of silence.

My heart merges with the waves, with the horizon of freedom and suddenly it is sending out little flashes of inspiration. 
They’re sending out rays of light like the setting sun on the horizon, like the lighthouse that guides you across this endless blue, that guides you home.

These sparks of inspiration become more and more tangible. 
It is as if the inspiration paints ideas on the horizon, a beautiful and colorful image of the future.

The ocean isn’t only a big blue canvas but an image of possibilities, of growth and transformation, an image of colorful abundance and bright freedom.

Now I can walk back, emerge from the deep blue and take this colorful canvas with me.

The ocean offered me the sparkling light, the blue clarity, the canvas of belonging and silence.

My heart took this light of inspiration through the depth of the ocean and painted my future on this blank canvas.

The ocean’s waves wash away every fear and doubt, the fear of the blank canvas.

The ocean is my blank canvas of freedom, my heart the painter of abundance.

Day 30:

Life is for dreamers 🌊

What is your future self grateful for today?

That’s a question I wrote into my journal today and the simple answer is: 

I’m grateful that I dare to dream and follow my heart.

Dear reader,

can you please take this answer, only this one advice from my future self?

Life is precious and time flies, one day you could find yourself in a big storm, in huge waves that might drown you and take all your dreams with you into the depths.

Normally the ocean is a wonderful place, a place of joy and freedom, of endless possibilities and diversity, of growth and transformation, but it can also be a very dangerous place when you don’t take care of the signs, the weather, the power of the waves.

Your heart is your lighthouse that lets you travel and guide you safely through all the storms, please, trust your heart in that.

Your heart is also your compass that leads you to the shore of joy, happiness, peace, love and freedom, but you have to dare to look at your compass, you have to dare to leave the shore that keeps you trapped and in a life of struggle and pain.

Listen to the voice of your heart, 

dare to dream about shores that make your heart sing and then follow this compass.

Your future self will be forever grateful for that.

Please do it now, your life depends on it, because life is for dreamers.

Live life like a wave of creation, like your ocean of the heart 🌊🙏💙

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