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    The stages of the journey to freedom – a book intro

    Freedom is waiting on the other shore This title came to me even before I had written a single word. These words were in my mind as a guideline what this book is all about:  It’s about a journey to freedom, about going on adventures and exploring other shores but also about the waiting part of this journey, of things that are holding you back, the fear of leaving the safe shore, the life you already know. Sometimes the journey needs patience or stepping back. These kinds of journeys come in cycles, in the process of letting go, of healing and transformation and then beginning anew.  The journey to freedom…

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    The rebirth of freedom

    I wanted to be free my whole life but fears have always cut my wings. When I started to dare, to push myself against the wind of conformity and rules, it felt like falling from the edge.They say that the safety net will appear when you are leaping, but my mind was only reaching for the last hold.My body was screaming for help but nothing did appear, only my heart was growing wings. Am I giving in? Am I letting go of everything that is weighing me down? The sweet surrender of flying? I was falling further and further. There was no safety net, only the waves waiting to devour…

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    The Thinker

    The Thinker The writing prompt: At the museum Choose three display pieces, one as the title and the other two within your story. Rodin museum, Paris The Thinker by Auguste Rodin https://www.musee-rodin.fr/en/musee/collections/oeuvres/thinker Hylas and the nymphs by Alexandre Falguière https://www.musee-rodin.fr/en/musee/collections/oeuvres/hylas-and-nymphs Meditation or the inner voice by Auguste Rodin https://www.musee-rodin.fr/en/musee/collections/oeuvres/meditation-or-inner-voice The Thinker Paul was sitting at his desk, frowning, chin resting on his hand. He looked out of the window but he didn’t really see anything, only skyscrapers. His thoughts rushed through his head, just like the never-ending traffic in the city. He had had a meeting with his boss and it ended with an argument: the sales has to go…

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    Your heart’s waves are your ‘Carpe diem’

    Your heart’s waves are your ‘Carpe diem’  🌊💙🌊 Creativity is an expression of your heart’s truth. Creativity is in every action you take, how you create your life. Creativity is connecting to your heart, is listening to your heart’s voice. What makes you connect to your heart’s truth? First there is an acknowledgement that you are a creative being, that you express your creativity in how you live your life. Is this life in alignment with your heart’s truth? How does your life, your relationships, your work, your place where you live, make you feel? The awareness and acceptance of the power of your creativity gives you the opportunity to make choices, a choice to live your heart’s…

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    Life is for dreamers

    Life is for dreamers 🌊 What is your future self grateful for today? That’s a question I wrote into my journal today and the simple answer is:  I’m grateful that I dare to dream and follow my heart. Dear reader, can you please take this answer, only this one advice from my future self? Life is precious and time flies, one day you could find yourself in a big storm, in huge waves that might drown you and take all your dreams with you into the depths. Normally the ocean is a wonderful place, a place of joy and freedom, of endless possibilities and diversity, of growth and transformation, but…

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    Create a wave of joy 🌊

    „Believe in your abilities to do whatever it may be that settles into your heart.“ – Alex Elle – Have you ever believed in this concept: ‚When you have the dream in you, it is for you. What is in your heart, is meant for you. You have this dream because you are meant to be the one who can make it come true?’ I believe that we all have a unique gift, talent, dream we’re meant to bring into the world and that we have all what it takes to realize it. It’s often a matter of trust, a trust in our heart. Can you trust these little nudges of joy? Can you allow yourself…

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