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The Thinker

The Thinker

The writing prompt: At the museum

Choose three display pieces, one as the title and the other two within your story.

Rodin museum, Paris

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin


Hylas and the nymphs by Alexandre Falguière


Meditation or the inner voice by Auguste Rodin


The Thinker

Paul was sitting at his desk, frowning, chin resting on his hand. He looked out of the window but he didn’t really see anything, only skyscrapers. His thoughts rushed through his head, just like the never-ending traffic in the city.

He had had a meeting with his boss and it ended with an argument: the sales has to go up and this quickly, otherwise he will get fired. That means more working hours, also on the weekend. 

He has already no time for the family, even works from home until late at night.

Although he could effort a nice house, cars, expensive clothes, the newest high-tech items, luxury interior design and managed to build a good fortune with investments, he always feels hunted and under huge pressure.

Everything becomes more and more like a burden, as if he is pulled into a stream, a maelstrom, a deadly trap. 

It may feel like sparkling and sweet temptations sometimes, but it takes him under the surface, rushing with the stream, drowning.

Paul closed his eyes, putting his face in his palms. Pictures of summer holidays with his parents came up, pictures of swimming in the sea, dancing and bonfires on the beach, the first kiss, sunsets, waves crushing against the cliffs.

How long hasn’t he been there? 

Just listening to the waves and feeling free, getting all worries drown, feeling the joy of being alive?

His face began to soften and he knew what he has to do: He picked up his phone.

“Cathy, I’m coming home earlier, what would you say when we go on a little trip with the kids?“

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