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Take care of your creativity like an athlete

I’m sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, prepared my tea, switched off all the distractions and want to write, but nothing comes up, no inspiration, I only feel tired and exhausted.

I didn’t take care of my health as I used to the last few weeks and this has not only a negative effect on my creativity but also on my swim performance.

So why not getting back on track with creating a self-care habit that fits for both: Writing and Swimming

A self-care habit that increases your health, wellbeing, motivation, energy, creativity and strength:

  • Energy: What gives my body and mind energy to stay motivated and perform well? It’s taking care of my diet: fresh food containing lots of vegetable, avoiding sugar, gluten and saturated fats; supporting the immune system with superfoods and vitamins. Being in nature and going for a walk helps to support the energy level and the immun system.
  • Flow: What gets me into the flow? It’s movement like walking, yoga or gentle swim workouts. It’s taking care of my hydration: water, herbal and green tea, keeping my coffee intake low. Meditation, mindfulness and breathwork let my energy and ideas flow more easily and reduce worries and anxiety.
  • Joy: What brings me joy? Being in the process of creativity, of creating the life of my dreams, of following the heart. That means you have to do something outside of your routines, being more playful, trying out and learning new things, appreciating and being grateful for all the possibilities life has to offer, laughing more.
  • Inspiration: What inspires me? Reading books, watching and listening to inspiring people, taking interesting courses, being in communities with likeminded and supportive people, getting to know new places and ideas.
  • Rest & recreation: What helps me to rest and take care of my energy and time? Getting clear of how I use my time, time management and taking care that I get time out, min. 7h restful night sleep, allowing myself a time of doing nothing, hot baths, reading fiction, watching a movie…
  • Connection: What keeps me connected and in alignment to my heart? Allowing myself to dream, being and connecting to nature, connecting with loved ones and friends and having a good time together, getting in a state of joy, doing more of the things I love.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration to reflect on your self-care habits as well. When we want to create a life of following our heart, of being in alignment with who we truly are, we need all the energy and strength to stay in the flow.

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