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    The rising of the phoenix

    I felt so much pain in my right shoulder that I could barely lift my arm, I tried to find a way to get my arms moving, to keep going, although I didn’t know how.  With every wave that hit my shoulder I felt a huge sting. Every wave made it apparent that the current was so strong and that I didn’t make any progress. I had to find a way, a way to cut the pain out of my focus, a way to believe that it still can be done. And then a flash of memories came through my mind: Me as a little girl, sitting with my elder…

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    Take care of your creativity like an athlete

    I’m sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, prepared my tea, switched off all the distractions and want to write, but nothing comes up, no inspiration, I only feel tired and exhausted. I didn’t take care of my health as I used to the last few weeks and this has not only a negative effect on my creativity but also on my swim performance. So why not getting back on track with creating a self-care habit that fits for both: Writing and Swimming A self-care habit that increases your health, wellbeing, motivation, energy, creativity and strength: Energy: What gives my body and mind energy to stay motivated and perform well? It’s…

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    Four seasons to a dream

    It was a cold January winter day when I stood on the platform at Cap Gris Nez and tried to look for the other side of the Channel.  The blue amazed me, this icy, blue sky was merging with the blue water. There were no white cliffs I could witness on the horizon, only my thoughts if I will ever swim there and end up where I was standing right now. A dream went out over the Channel, my birthday wish. It was spring when we got into lockdown and I had to stop my training, but I never gave up on my dream. I drove in my car to…

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    Freedom is waiting on the other shore

    In the elements of the ocean 🌊🏊🏻‍♀️🌊 22. September 2020 I started my swim at 01.55 at Samphire Hoe, with shaky knees and a pitch black night and sea waiting for me.Before I got into the water I felt cold and was scared about what was lying ahead of me.As soon as I entered the water this feeling of being cold went away, the water felt warm and I only had to swim 50m to the shore, getting out of the water, feeling the pebbles under my feet.When I heard the sound of the boat’s horn I jumped into the dark water and took off to swim the Channel. There…

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    Waves Huge waves that keep my heart frozen, paralyzed, that drown me in my fears.Waves that shake me up, wake me up from a nightmare. Waves that bring me back into the here and now, into my life.What if the cold and darkness is only an illusion?What if the waves get me back to the surface, into the light, into a life of joy?What if there is this wave, only waiting for me, a wave, my wave that is meant to be,waiting for my courage?What if there is a wave only I can surf with all my heart, with all my being? What if there is no fear, only waves…

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