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Life is for dreamers

Life is for dreamers 🌊

What is your future self grateful for today?

That’s a question I wrote into my journal today and the simple answer is: 

I’m grateful that I dare to dream and follow my heart.

Dear reader,

can you please take this answer, only this one advice from my future self?

Life is precious and time flies, one day you could find yourself in a big storm, in huge waves that might drown you and take all your dreams with you into the depths.

Normally the ocean is a wonderful place, a place of joy and freedom, of endless possibilities and diversity, of growth and transformation, but it can also be a very dangerous place when you don’t take care of the signs, the weather, the power of the waves.

Your heart is your lighthouse that lets you travel and guide you safely through all the storms, please, trust your heart in that.

Your heart is also your compass that leads you to the shore of joy, happiness, peace, love and freedom, but you have to dare to look at your compass, you have to dare to leave the shore that keeps you trapped and in a life of struggle and pain.

Listen to the voice of your heart, 

dare to dream about shores that make your heart sing and then follow this compass.

Your future self will be forever grateful for that.

Please do it now, your life depends on it, because life is for dreamers.

Live life like a wave of creation, like your ocean of the heart 🌊🙏💙

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