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Create a wave of joy 🌊

„Believe in your abilities to do whatever it may be that settles into your heart.“

– Alex Elle –

Have you ever believed in this concept: ‚When you have the dream in you, it is for you. What is in your heart, is meant for you. You have this dream because you are meant to be the one who can make it come true?’

I believe that we all have a unique gift, talent, dream we’re meant to bring into the world and that we have all what it takes to realize it. It’s often a matter of trust, a trust in our heart.

Can you trust these little nudges of joy? 
Can you allow yourself to get lost in things and actions you love? Can you trust your playfulness? 
Can you allow yourself to get into the flow? 

Can you trust that you are able to surf the waves of your heart?

We are often so hard on ourselves, we think that our life, dreams, purpose have to look perfect, have to be outstanding and super meaningful. We think too small of ourselves, we hold ourselves back and feel we’re not enough or don’t deserve these dreams. 
But isn’t one smile we put on someone’s face enough? 
Isn’t it meaningful enough when we’re in a state of joy and maybe can lighten up someone’s day? 

Isn’t it perfect when you open someone’s heart only because you spread your optimisms, your dreams and joy?

These little smiles create ripples and lead to powerful waves. One smile you bring into the world can cause a wave that is the wave of joy for someone else. 
Your dreams can be someone’s flow, learning experience or help to discover what is in the heart.

I believe in the concept of following the heart, that everyone has a unique gift and what it takes to make the dream come true. 
It’s never about you alone, it’s about creating waves for others to surf, for others to find joy and freedom to dream.

Create waves that come from the joy of your heart, surf these waves with all your courage and trust that the ocean guides you to your dreams.

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