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The stages of the journey to freedom – a book intro

Freedom is waiting on the other shore

This title came to me even before I had written a single word. These words were in my mind as a guideline what this book is all about: 

It’s about a journey to freedom, about going on adventures and exploring other shores but also about the waiting part of this journey, of things that are holding you back, the fear of leaving the safe shore, the life you already know.

Sometimes the journey needs patience or stepping back. These kinds of journeys come in cycles, in the process of letting go, of healing and transformation and then beginning anew. 

The journey to freedom is a journey from the heart and it can feel like dying. You leave your old life on the shore, you lift your anchor and dive into the ocean with all the doubts and uncertainty, with all your wounds of the past but also with all the possibilities that are waiting for you, the possibilities that come your way because you have the courage to go on this journey.

The journey to freedom isn’t an easy one. It is heart-led, it is leaving your old skin and layers that feel so comfortable and safe on the shore. It is a journey of hope because you start to believe that a future of joy and a life of connection is in reach for you. It is a journey of flow and balance of duality, of connecting the experience from the past to build a lifeboat of skills that makes it a safer one, more joyful and an adventure, even if you go through the ups and downs of life.

Freedom is one of the most appreciated values, especially when you feel that it isn’t present in your life. For many freedom is a given, a birthright for that you have nothing to do.

But is freedom a one-way street, just there to be picked up without any further thought given to it?

In societies of physical and political freedom, freedom is often taken for granted. Not many think of it as something that our ancestors have fought for to open up a completely new way , a new way of life for us.  It’s often the other way round, people imprison themselves by desperately trying to fit in, playing by the rules of society, chasing after the so-called success, after ‘this is how it’s done’. 

What if we give tribute to freedom, to our ancestors, to life itself when we start to live a life that is in alignment with the heart?

What if we can be a lighthouse that spreads the light of hope, joy and freedom when we finally go on the journey to our dreams and create a life that feels fulfilled and uniquely our own?

What if we can be a warrior and advocate for freedom by living our precious life from the heart?

Why do we even give up our freedom so easily, only to replace it with a life of predictable outcomes, a life that is walked on well-known tracks, that becomes narrower the older we get?

Why is it so difficult to leave our self-installed prison and start a life that is lived from the heart?

Why does the thought of starting the journey from our old self to a self who lives a life that feels exciting, joyful, adventurous, fulfilled and connected to all that is make us so fearful and let us shrink, let us feel unworthy and incapable of reaching it?

This book tries to give answers to these questions. It explores the part of disconnection to the body, mind and soul, the reasons why you feel stuck and imprisoned, experience limiting beliefs and doubts, fears and worries that are holding you back.

Further there is what I call the preparation of this journey: 

The reconnection to your true self.

There are inspiration and tools on how you can reconnect to your body, ease the thought spirals of limiting thinking, the constant overflow of thoughts that are putting yourself down. You can change that and reconnect to your heart, what you dream of and desire in your life instead.

The start of the journey is the rebirth of the new you. There are a few stages to begin the journey and travel to the other shore. Every rebirth is a fragile state and needs your compassion and love. It is where you finally jump into the water and swim to the other shore with your heart as your lighthouse.

The ‘other shore’ is bringing it all together. It is your place of freedom, the place where you experience oneness, that everything is interconnected, in flow and connected with the change of the tides.

It’s where you establish this joy of your freedom in the heart. 

The other shore is your inner sanctuary, the place you can rely on when life gets tough and tests you, when the storms and waves get you down. 

The other shore is the experience that you are always safe and carried by the ocean of life, that you belong and come home to yourself, that you are one with the universal love of all that is.

The journey to freedom, to your heart is a lifelong journey and when you reach the freedom of the other shore, a new journey will be there to come. 

You are traveling with the tides, with the ongoing transformation, and to flow with ease and joy with the cycle of life is the freedom that is waiting for you on the other shore.

What are you waiting for?

Let the journey begin.

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