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    The stages of the journey to freedom – a book intro

    Freedom is waiting on the other shore This title came to me even before I had written a single word. These words were in my mind as a guideline what this book is all about:  It’s about a journey to freedom, about going on adventures and exploring other shores but also about the waiting part of this journey, of things that are holding you back, the fear of leaving the safe shore, the life you already know. Sometimes the journey needs patience or stepping back. These kinds of journeys come in cycles, in the process of letting go, of healing and transformation and then beginning anew.  The journey to freedom…

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    Live a life without regrets

    When I sat in the chair not knowing if life has a tomorrow for me, I watched the waves and cried tears of regret. With every tear that was running down my face a dream, a missed opportunity, all the things I hadn’t done flowed down my cheeks. I felt responsible for things I wasn’t responsible for. I was only responsible for my own life. I wasn’t responsible for the happiness of my mother who had depression her whole life. I wasn’t responsible for the things that happened to me in my childhood, but I’m now responsible for my healing and living a life that is joyful and meaningful. I believe…

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    The home of the soul

    „Home is what you take with you, not what you leave behind.“ – N.K. Jemisin – Dear little inner child, it is safe to leave those people behind who never understood you, who didn’t care for you because you will meet real friends, experience real connections by the ocean. It is safe to leave those places behind where you felt you don’t belong, where you felt prisoned and stuck because you will find a place of freedom and connection by the ocean. It is safe to leave those fears and doubts about not being enough behind because you will learn to set sails, to navigate through storms, to surf the…

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