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A journey with the tides

Every journey starts with the first rays of hope.

It’s this nudge that let you go for undiscovered places, the excitement for unknown paths.

It starts with you catching the light, letting the thoughts and emotions flow, getting things cleared that are holding you back.

Every journey is stepping into the healing and refreshing energy of nature, it’s trusting and letting things unfold.

It’s being in awe, experiencing comfort, the inner peace and freedom you’ll find within.

Every journey starts with the decision from the heart, the courage to walk with your heart as your lighthouse.

It’s remembering your ocean within, the waves of your soul, the treasures and abundance you have always access to.

Every journey starts with facing the waves of fear, with going nevertheless confidently further on your way, with stepping into the ocean of your precious life.

You are allowed to express your heart and soul in your unique and creative way, to surf the waves of your heart’s ocean, to experience the flow of your creativity.

Nature, the ocean will help you finding silence and peace within, even if you can’t see where you’re heading.

Every journey starts with the love of your heart that opens doors for you, that leads you to secret places, that lets you see the world in colorful bliss.

It’s remembering your playfulness, the joy of the present moment, when nothing could harm you.

It’s finding a way to your ocean, a place of joy, a place of connection to your true self.

Every journey is an adventure of freedom, of expanding your horizon, of exploring your strength and unique talents.

It’s your gifts you bring into the world that will melt every coldness and darkness.

Your journey is the snowflake, the drop of the ocean that makes a difference, finding its way through space and time.

Your life’s journey is a lighthouse that sends a light of hope, strength, joy, connection and freedom.

Be that lighthouse from your heart and let your light shine bright.

Your journey will take you far but always in connection to your home, the peace and joy of your heart.

Every journey starts with the tides of your ocean and you will reach for the stars.

This will be the journey in the livelifelikeanocean community, a heartfelt community where we share moments of joy and peace, inspiration and dreams we get through connecting with the heart and our dreams.

It’s a place where we support each other, encourage to live a life that is in alignment with your dreams and your true self.

It’s a place where you can find peace and silence especially in stressful times, where you can feel connected and you belong, where you find joy and freedom through connecting with nature, the ocean and other ocean lovers.

Join the community and go on a journey with the tides, start is the first of November, looking forward seeing you there:


Here’s the video to the text, when you want to get the inspiration of the music and pictures:

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