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What does freedom look like?

Is freedom a place you can choose, a place where you feel home and you belong?

Is it the choice to leave the known behind, letting go of the old?

Is freedom timeless, or the time you choose to spend with what makes you feel alive and joyful?

Is it choosing something that gives your life a touch of eternity?

Is freedom earning and spending your resources and energy for something that is meaningful to you, that gives your life and others purpose?

Is freedom being connected to a source that makes your life flow in abundance?

Is freedom only a feeling that you have access to wherever you are, that you carry with you the whole time?

Is freedom a thought, a concept that you can create for yourself just by envisioning it?

Some say freedom is freedom of locality, of time, emotional and financial freedom or the freedom of the body, mind and heart.

But what if these terms are limiting you and preventing you from living a life of freedom?

What if freedom is always there, simultaneously with lack of freedom?

What if it is never separated, only our mind creates it through judgment?

Imagine yourself as someone who wants to sail into freedom.

You have no boat, don’t know how to sail and don’t live by the ocean:

What would you do to build your boat and learn new skills? Where would you launch your boat? To which shore would you sail? Whom would you meet on your journey? What footprints do you want to leave on the shore on your journey? What do you want to explore?

When you imagine your journey in all detail, in beautiful colour, tastes, smells and touches, how do you feel?

Is that the feeling of joy, of freedom?

It’s your heart that is guiding you as your compass to navigate the oceans.

It’s your heart that is connected to endless freedom.

It’s your heart that is telling you that you are freedom.

So go, follow your freedom and sail your ocean of life. You are free.

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