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On the way

On the way

What is behind the rain? A life like a movie?

Where I can dive deep into a world I’ve never seen before?

Where I can discover the magic of the ocean?

Where will I go, when this life seems so far away? 

Who do I want to become?

I’m on the way, even if I can’t see the horizon, even if I don’t know where to start.

I’m already on my way, searching for silence, for moments of peace within.

I know I have to go, even if I feel scared at times.

I can’t wait any longer.

I’ll catch the rain, every drop and let them become a waterfall.

I go with the flow, flowing to the ocean, becoming one with the ocean on the way.

New Adventures will wait for me, new horizons to explore.

Feeling the courage to leave the old behind on the way to the ocean.

The tides are already there, arriving on the shore.

I’m on my way to meet the sun by the ocean.

I run further and further to meet my heart in the moment of becoming, of belonging to the ocean.

I’m home because I dream myself on the way to the ocean.

One day this dream will come true because I create my life on the way to the ocean.

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