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Are we addicted to the future?

Is the hustle culture, the striving and becoming more productive and successful preventing us from living our life in the here and now?

Are these endless to-do-lists a sign how disconnected we became to ourselves, to what really matters in life?

Is this clinging to an outcome, to a specific goal a kind of addiction, an attachment to a future we wish we can control?

Are we addicted to creating a comfort zone that makes us feel safe and successful, that we are in charge, a place where we don’t have to feel insecurities, fear, loneliness and uncertainty?

Do we give in to the false belief that we only have to work hard to reach this golden paradise of a cage to feel finally whole and worthy?

Are we addicted to the lure of a perfect future?

I’m grateful that I could wake up with a beautiful sunrise this morning, the air was still cool and had nothing from the upcoming heat.

I had a mug full of wonderful tasty Italian coffee in my hand and watched the birds in the garden, the apple trees that bear apples starting to become red.

I went to a lake for a beautiful morning swim, the water still warm from the previous days.

As I was swimming through the sparkling water I felt an immense inner peace.

The water was carrying me. There was nothing to do, nothing to think, nothing to strive for.

There was no future, only the here and now.

A place where I belong, connected to nature, to my heart, a beautiful lightness, bliss, serenity.

The present was there like the open ocean.

I only had to decide to be right here, the paradise I was always searching for outside myself, in a time and place that was never in my control.

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