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Step into joy – The endless summer

I want to tell you a story about summer, about a time when you felt so free because the holidays started, about a time when you woke up in the morning without worrying what might come your way, when you were excited about the day and the adventures you were going to experience.

You know this summer feeling when no one bothers you with tasks to do, when you don’t feel anxious about the things you have to face, a time when you could put all these expectations weighing on you aside and only be yourself, experiencing new things, getting to play the whole day in the sun.

These days when you went on secret paths through the forest wondering what magical beings are waiting for you, paths along the coast where you could smell the salty air and the scent of fern, gorse and heather, when the wind blew with a gentle breeze through your hair, drew little ripples on the water and made the sea gras moving like waves over the dunes, when the endless blue of the sky met the vast blue of the ocean on the horizon.

You were as free as the seagulls flying over the sparkling ocean in the summer sun.

Did you stop and soak it all up?

Did you catch these moments of summer with all your senses?

Those moments that went by so fast, that wouldn’t come back, forever lost on distant shores or gone with the wings of the seagulls?

Or is there a chance that they stay with you, forever in your heart?

There are these stories that accompany you since childhood, stories that get you on secret paths, stories you’ll never forget, stories which tell about the endless summer.

When I was in kindergarten I heard this beautiful story: ‘The mouse Frederick’

A lovely story that stands by me until now, nearly forty years later…

Frederick belongs to a huge family of mice which were all very busy collecting grains and nuts for the upcoming winter. Only Frederick is sitting there, looking at the sun, at the flowers and watching intensively what is going on around him: all the different colours, the smell of the gras, the songs of the birds, the leaves of the trees rustling in the wind.

The mice ask him why he doesn’t work and doesn’t help them to collect food for winter.

“But I do work,” Frederick said. “I collect the warmth of the sun.”

When he was asked another time why he isn’t helping them, he replied:”I’m collecting all the beautiful colours of the flowers… and I am thinking of words that can describe all these wonderful moments of summer.”

When winter arrived and the mice had eaten all their food after time, they started to shiver because of the cold. That was the moment when Frederick told them about the warm rays of the summer sun and they all began to feel warmer at once.

Some of them became sad because everything was dark and grey and so Frederick told them about the colours of summer, about the flowers that were blossoming in the bright colours of the rainbow.

When winter made them lose their words and wrapped them in deep silence, Frederick started to tell them stories about the beauty of the seasons, about the spring that lets everything grow, about the summer sun that nourishes everything, about autumn that gives them the harvest and about winter that makes them retreat in the comfort of their home.

The mice praised Frederick for his stories and poems because he lightened up their hearts in the cold and dark time of winter, in a time when they had lost the memories of summer.

Frederick had brought them the endless summer and was never asked again if he could help them collect grains and nuts…

Do you allow yourself to collect the warmth, colours and moments of summer? 

Do you allow yourself to take your time, take in all that life has to offer without losing yourself in tasks and burdens of daily life? 

Do you allow yourself to rest and step away from stress and the urge to work hard all the time? 

Do you allow yourself to take time for your dreams and give them words, put them into actions? 

Do you allow yourself to leave the beaten track and go your own, unique way, even if it means that you have to swim against the tide?

The endless summer, exploring new ways, experiencing yourself in new places, going on adventures and reconnecting with your heart and trust in life.

You allow yourself to take your time, to go slowly and watch the whole scenery: the time that is needed until the sun turns the ocean and horizon into a golden light, the time until the golden ball becomes red and vanishes as if it is sinking into the sea.

You allow yourself to be touched by every ray over the waves, every seagull that spreads its wings until the ocean is covered into a blissful silence.

The endless summer is stepping into your joy and travelling with the sun and the waves. It is starting your day, watching the sunrise how the rays turn the surface of the water into a sea of stars. It is allowing yourself to listen to your body, to what food, exercise and lifestyle makes you feel connected and energised that you need to have a wonderful day.

It is going out into nature and experiencing yourself as someone who is already whole and enough without proving something to the world.

You just go out, swim and surf in the waves, learn to be in balance and what sets your heart on fire.

It is creating your own path, exploring these secret tracks that get you to a place where there’s only you and the ocean, only the setting sun that speaks to your heart, telling you what is really important in life.

The endless summer is healing you from all the wounds and dark times you have been through, from all the burdens and false expectations that weren’t even your own.

The endless summer is letting go of all these limits, things and past experiences that don’t serve you anymore because you are free.

You are free to live your life on your own terms, by your own rules.

You allow yourself to step into your joy and take your time to listen, to watch, to align and reconnect. You reconnect to the sun, to the waves, to the entire ocean that is always with you in your heart.

You are free to live your perfect day by the ocean, to be in your bliss and watch the sunsets because you know that you are the endless summer. 

The endless summer has been with you all the time. 

You have only forgotten how it is to go on a journey and trust in yourself and your dreams in life.

Allow yourself to step into your joy, into your ocean and you will experience the adventures of life, your endless summer.

‚Step into Joy — The endless summer‘

a story about finding your joy in life, especially when you feel stressed, sad and overwhelmed.

A story about joy and peace for times when you need it the most.

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