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What are you passionate about?

What you are passionate about can reveal so much more of who you really are than any education you went through, any job title or your past.
We are used to put people into boxes because of their work, income, status or networks they are in.

Asking someone what she or he is doing for a living only scratches the surface.

Maybe they do this job because they can’t see another way or it’s the least inconvenient option.
Maybe they chose this work because it seemed to be a dream job once and now became a trap, a hamster wheel they chose over freedom, a choice out of fear.
Maybe they have sold themselves to a career path that leaves them feeling hollow and drained.

When you really get to know someone you have to ask: “What are you passionate about? What do you love doing? What interest you?”

Asking these questions reveals your dreams and talents, they reveal what you can be capable of but didn’t dare to do, they give insights into your heart and true self.
Asking these questions makes you feel seen and understood, it helps you to connect not only to your heart but also to others more deeply.

What are you passionate about?

Your answers will set the wheels into motion, start a ripple that will grow to a big wave.
Your answers will guide the way, a way of joy, a way to your heart and soul.
Your answers will open new ways to live in alignment with your heart and dreams.

Will you please answer these questions and trust that support and guidance is on the way to you?

While writing this I’ve realized that if there hadn’t been someone who had asked me these questions I would never have tried to make my dreams come true.
If my coach hadn’t asked me about my dream, I would never have tried to swim the English Channel.

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