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Dolphin Days

Today starts my favorite month of the year: September.

September is my ocean month because I normally spend time by the ocean.
I love that there are still warm and sunny days but the heat of summer is gone and the fresh air and autumn colors are on the horizon.
September has a stillness and inner peace and it reminds me of healing and freedom.

5 years ago I started my medication free life after being under treatment for 6 years.
Although the chances were so small I’m still in complete remission.
That was the September of healing.

In that year I also surfed my first green wave, memories that still fill my heart with happiness.
That was the September of joy and freedom.

I got inspired to write and create a blog with my texts and photos I love to take.
That was the September of creativity.

I attempted to swim the English Channel last year.
I swam through the night into the rising sun, the cliffs of France on the horizon.
That was the September of adventure, surrender and courage.

I don’t know what this September has in store, but I want to make it a month of freedom, creativity, healing, adventure, playfulness and serenity.
And the dolphin is a symbol for all these things.

That’s why I call it the dolphin days.
Because it’s swimming and surfing into the joy of life.
It’s experiencing freedom in the vast, blue ocean with no limits.
It’s playing and dancing in the waves.
It’s surrendering to the healing waters of the ocean and expressing what is emerging from the depths of the heart.

When you watch the dolphins you can see this playfulness and being present in the moment.
You can see the joy and freedom when they surf the waves.
You can feel how beautifully and with ease they move through the water, just being happy to be alive.
This will be the September of the energy of the Dolphin.

Join the livelifelikeanocean Community for the Dolphin Days:


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