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An invitation to reconnect

I was there before, it is just a thought that you need to go on holiday.

This thought of a time off that will make things better, that this will be the solution to the exhaustion, to the tension, numbness and sadness you feel.

Yes, it’s true, slowing down and getting away from your routines from time to time are necessary to recharge your energy, to get more joy and flow into your life.
But this debilitating weariness and foggy sadness are signs.

My body wants me to know that I’m navigating into the wrong direction.
My heart wants me to know that I’m in a self-induced prison, far away from the heart’s ocean full of joy and freedom.

I’m recognising that things and activities that normally bring me joy, can’t cheer me up, that getting out of bed in the morning seems so hard and my work leaves me anxious.
I was there before and it was the beginning of burnout and depression.
I know that my heart and body want me to know that it is time to reconnect.

Reconnecting to the joy that is in my heart, reconnecting to the flow of life, to my dreams, to the energy and love of the ocean.
And yes, I miss the ocean and want to be there, to go on holiday and forget time and space, to be in my joy and freedom, to let go of everything that feels like a burden, but I know that I have to find a way to bring these feelings also into my everyday life.

I need to remember that the ocean, this connection is always with me in my heart.
This is an invitation from my heart to reconnect to its source.
I was there before, in this state of disconnection, I know what will help me reconnect, what will help to be in the ocean of my heart again.

I’ll take this invitation to reconnect.
This is an invitation to reconnect to what is already there, to the experiences and skills, to reconnect to growth and transformation.
This is an invitation to reconnect to the expression of the creative voice, the true self.
This is an invitation to reconnect to the inner ocean full of love and freedom.
This is also an invitation to you.

I would love to invite you to go with me on this journey to reconnection.
It all starts with awareness and mindfulness, to recognise the disconnection.
We will start with 30 days of ocean mindfulness, meditation and inspiration to reconnect to our body, mind and heart, to reconnect to the ocean that is always within us.

Join the livelifelikeanocean community to go on a retreat to reconnect to your heart.

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