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The umbilical cord of the past

The umbilical cord of the past

I had a chat with a friend yesterday and it turned out to become this kind of conversation with full of gold nuggets, with openness and support to find clarity, courage and to reveal the heart’s truth.
I know that he wouldn’t want me to use the word ‚truth‘, because what is ‚truth‘ anyway,
my ‚truth‘ can be completely different from your ‚truth‘.

Is it more a kind of heart’s wisdom, the authentic self ( authenticity, also an inflationary used word) or the wisdom and knowledge of the soul?
How can you describe when you recognize that the heart ‚knows‘, that you are guided by this wisdom?

You said that I’m thinking too much, that I want to solve the problems with my mind and that’s why I end up with this monkey circus in my head.
I know that’s the truth.
I have to feel more, listen to my heart more.

You said that I can’t sacrifice my happiness and fulfillment to the illusion of security, to a life that isn’t in alignment with my heart, even if that means that I have to let go what feels safe and comfortable at the moment.
You have only this one precious life and the fulfillment you’ll find, when you connect with your heart’s wisdom, will lead you to the life you desire.
It’s never outside of you, it’s always within.

You said that no inner work will get you where your heart wants you to be without taking action.
You have to set your heart’s truth as your destination, take all your courage and jump into the waves.
I know that I’m scared as hell, although I’ve jumped into the ocean so many times, swam through waves and darkness.
What does it take to go all in, avec tout mon cœur, with cour-age? What truth do I need to face?

You said you have to cut the umbilical cord of the past, to leave the safe shore behind.
We only fear to lose what we’ve experienced, what our mind knows, what feels safe, but what if the heart has the wisdom that a better future of alignment, connection and fulfillment is already waiting for you?
What if you have to cut this cord and dare to swim and fly to the distant shore?
What if freedom is waiting on this other shore? What if the ocean will set you free?
My heart knows that this is true.

What am I waiting for, when I don’t want to say at the end of my life: „ I lived a life not true to myself?“

Live life from your heart’s truth.

Live life like an ocean.

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