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I watched the branches of the apple tree moving with the gentle breeze and I saw that the buds are already there, ready for wintering and preparing for spring at the same time.

Am I ready for wintering?

Am I ready to let things transform into a peaceful state, waiting for the sun of spring to wake them up?

Am I ready for wintering, for waiting patiently to give things time to grow without doing something for it?

Am I ready to surrender to the silence and going inwards to restore my energy, to fill my heart with the nurturing of winter to be able to blossom again?

Am I ready for just being?

Maybe wintering means to fill your heart with the memories of the sun on your skin, with nights on the beach watching the stars.

Maybe wintering means to just flow with the calm currents and be wrapped up in the silence and warmth of your memories and dreams.

Maybe wintering means to listen, to listen what fills your heart with joy and excitement, what it means to experience the abundance of summer.

Maybe wintering means to become clear where the next wave, the next current, the next spring should get you, to which horizon you want to fly.

Maybe wintering means to prepare for a great journey, for the next big adventure.

Maybe wintering means to take time to watch, to listen and to be, to be with the waves of your heart’s ocean.

Wintering is growing flower buds.

Wintering is flowing with the water, moving with the wind in your inner silence.

Wintering is the transformational act of being.

Wintering is sowing the seeds of abundance and freedom.

Wintering is growing your true heart’s ocean.

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