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Tears of compassion

Tears of compassion

Tears of compassion 

I look at the blank, white page and my head seems to burst, thoughts are hammering against my temples. 
There is this feeling as if my life is running out of control. 
There is this feeling of loneliness, sadness, unworthiness and not belonging.

Salty tears draw wet circles on the page, circles of relief and I start to write:

Dear ocean,

Whenever I’m in your waves, I feel that I belong here. 
Whenever I feel your salty water on my skin, I feel safe and born, as if I’m connected with all the drops of water your waves contain.

I want to give you all the sadness, fears and pain that my tears write on the page. 
I want to let go, merge them with your waves.

Whenever I step into your waters, I feel that I’m enough, that I’m appreciated and carried.

Your salty waves dry my tears and put a smile on my face.

Can I give you my tears of feeling lost? 
Can I give them to you to empty my mind and to fill my heart with love and compassion?

I’m on my way to the shore, feeling the warm sand under my feet, listening to the sound of the waves and letting the white paper fall. 
I watch how my salty tears merge with the ocean, how my blue ink merge with the blue of the water.

The waves carry it all, liberate my heart, empty my mind, replace my tears with compassion.

What stays is the warm embrace of the ocean that fills my heart with love, with the abundance and oneness of all being.

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