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    Live a life without regrets

    When I sat in the chair not knowing if life has a tomorrow for me, I watched the waves and cried tears of regret. With every tear that was running down my face a dream, a missed opportunity, all the things I hadn’t done flowed down my cheeks. I felt responsible for things I wasn’t responsible for. I was only responsible for my own life. I wasn’t responsible for the happiness of my mother who had depression her whole life. I wasn’t responsible for the things that happened to me in my childhood, but I’m now responsible for my healing and living a life that is joyful and meaningful. I believe…

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    Nothing to loose

    „There is a life and there is a death, and there are beauty and melancholy between. -Albert Camus – Nothing to loose When you dance with the joy of the waves, there is nothing to loose.When you embrace the solace of the ocean, there is nothing to loose.When you experience the beauty of everything that surrounds you, there isnothing to loose.When you give your tears, tears of joy and sorrow to the salty water, let it merge… there is nothing to loose.There is beauty in all your being, in all your feelings.There is beauty in all your experiences, in all loss, in all success.Be like the ocean, live in your…

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