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To the lighthouse

To the lighthouse

To the lighthouse I go,
when the clouds seem to fall from the sky,
when I can’t see the light,
when there was nowhere to go.
I can only hear the sound of the waves,
I walk in a rain of tears, further and further,
in a turmoil of thoughts.
Where is a sign that parts the clouds, illuminates the sky, protects my heart?
To the lighthouse I go,
when the storms let me fall,
when the waves crush against my heart.
I can feel the solid rock in the waves,
the helping hand, the light of hope.
Suddenly I see a flash of light,
aiming through the sky, aiming for my heart.
A light that grows stronger and stronger, drying my tears, calming my mind.
To the lighthouse I go,
to feel safe and reborn,
to feel comforted and embraced by the light of the ocean.
I want to go home, to the lighthouse, to the ocean.
To the lighthouse I go,
when I want to fill my heart with the love and light of the ocean.

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