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Tears are running down my face, because my heart doesn’t know the answer.
The why is breaking its way through every tear.
Where are all these tears going?
Will they meet the ocean like the drops from every well?

The voice is muted, every tear grieves the lost connection.
There are no words to say, lost in the vastness of the ocean.
Where will they go?
Will they find a shore where they can form a new storyline?

Tears are my heart’s answer to process the questions.
Tears that are missing the loving embrace of the ocean, the connection to the waves of freedom.
When will the soul show the way?
When will the voice find the words again?

Tears are running down the stream of loneliness to merge with the loss of trust in life.
Tears that meet the heart of the ocean to dive deep for answers, to listen to a weak voice.
Is there a treasure to find?
Are there pearls of words to heal?

Tears are filling the empty places, mending the heart’s broken lines.
Tears that are flooding the ocean are replaced with the sound of the waves, with the words of connection.
And then there is no question left, the heart can hear the soul:

My way is to trust in life, to trust the ocean,
regardless how often tears run down my face,
regardless that my voice can’t find an answer,
regardless how often my heart gets broken.

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