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Freedom is life’s meaning

„Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world,
he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give life meaning.“

– Jean-Paul Sartre –

Freedom is experiencing the beauty of life, the beauty of being thrown into the unknown,
of diving into the rich world of the depths of the ocean.
Beauty of freedom can be found in exploring the vastness, in learning how to surf every wave that is coming to you.

Freedom is living your creativity.
It is to create what the waves of your heart are guiding you to do. Freedom is expressing the depths of your soul, your true self with the courage of your heart.

Freedom is how and when to react to the waves of life, to the storms of the uncontrollable.
Which waves will you catch and face?
How and when will you ride them?

Freedom is to stay in the truth of your heart, to find your way through the
waves, through pain and judgement. Freedom is peace of mind.

Freedom is inspiration and the gift of life.
It makes you the creator of your ocean, of your world.
This gift that gives you the possibility to create and express what sets your
heart on fire.

Freedom is the responsibility to live your gift, to bring it into the world.
Freedom is the source of courage, for living your life with the love of your heart.
Freedom is the source of new beginnings like every dawn.

Freedom is the source of the beauty of your created ocean.
Freedom is the ocean and the ocean will set you free.
Freedom is life’s meaning because it is the source of your creativity, the beauty of your soul.

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